Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!!

On behalf of Jemma and I, we wish you all a great Christmas!!!

God bless you on this fun filled holiday
Emily =)

'Let it Snow Baby... Let it Reindeer'
-Relient K

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy International Day for the Abolition of Slavery!!

Congrats Everyone, Big Chocolate said YES! (Sort of)

I would like to begin by saying that the CMA (Confectionary Manufacturers of Australasia) said “Yes” to World Vision, but on their own terms. To read their official response, go to
this website. This is the statement that World Vision and Vision Generation has been anticipating for a very long time, and while the response is not exactly the solution we had in mind, it is pleasing to know that the CMA is looking at changing their production lines. The best case scenario would involve the CMA agreeing to the fully funded action plan designed by World Vision, who is committed to funding US $14 million per year to develop this global strategy and consult with other governments, labour unions and other NGOs for the next ten years. Therefore the CMA’s side of the bargain was to fulfill the following five categories by 2018:
-Fair Pricing
-Community Wellbeing
-Improved Community Services
-Sustainable Production
-Informed Consumers

(Head to for more info on the proposed plan)

Unfortunately the plan was not agreed to, the CMA said YES to address the problems of human exploitation, however on their own terms. So although our action plan is not on the verge of happening, at least we have still rallied our largest confectionary cooperation to make a change and think ETHICALLY. (Click
here to read World Vision’s official response to the CMA’s proposal)

Thanks to anyone that showed their support for the campaign by signing a petition card or over the internet. Your voice has helped make a difference in the campaign, and it is appreciated. To anyone that is not living in Australia, and also to those still wanting to fuel a change in the practices of their favourite chocolate brands, I suggest dropping that company an email, letter or phone call. Ask them if they are in cooperation with the CMA; if they are on the move to abolish slavery and release the chains of the thousands of people who need our help. Ask what strategies they are taking to ethically produce their chocolate, and press them towards the goal of eradicating this issue by considering the possibilities of going

-Jemma and Em

“Fair Trade choc-o-late, 1st of December 2008!”
150 campaigning Vgenners on the lawns of parliament house, Canberra.