Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fairtrade UK!

So its kinda been a while since we have put fingers to keyboard, I apologise. 

OK cue screaming and cheering in general... Cadbury in the UK have gone Fairtrade! AHHHH

This is a HUGE step in the Fairtrade movement and the Big Chocolate campaign, see past posts. See the article for more information on that one. What it means for the Australian chocolate industry s that there is stacks more pressure put on them to meet the same standards that are being laid on by their international counterparts. Fingers crossed that it pushes then in the right direction. Keep up Cadbury Australia!!!

Keep eyes open for Fairtrade coffee shops around your area, they are popping up everywhere. A gold star to Starbucks who now have a Fairtrade coffee and are selling yummy Fairtrade chocolate in most of their franchises. 


And keep coming back for updates on Fairtrade fortnight in May in Australia. Should be fun =)